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Hamas Does Not Care About Palestinians

Hamas Does Not Care About Palestinians

Please stop saying otherwise.
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Early this morning, the terrorist group Hamas launched the broadest attack on Israel in five decades, murdering at least 250 Israeli civilians, wounding thousands, taking many hostage, including children, on a Jewish holiday and on Shabbat, it would seem intentionally so, all of which amounts to what many experts are calling Israel’s 9/11.

Today’s coordinated attack on Israeli civilians by Hamas is not about protecting Palestinian civilians. It’s about degrading and dehumanizing Jewish people. Let’s be very clear about that.

This is not about keeping Palestinian children safe. This is not about preventing further violence against Palestinians. This is not about freedom for the Palestinian people. This has nothing to do with liberation.

Hamas has decided to attack innocent Israeli civilians because they are self-serving terrorists who exploit others’ suffering as a vehicle for their unrelenting antisemitism.

Nothing is to be gained for innocent Palestinians from these cowardly actions by Hamas, and they know that.

This is about hatred of Jewish people and a denial of Israel’s right to exist and a rejection of their rumored, historic peace deal with Saudi Arabia, and it is an astonishing moral failure for anyone to suggest otherwise.

It is completely absurd on the part of some to take advantage of the sheer complexity of this horrific conflict to justify the intentional targeting of civilians. You can criticize the Israeli government and not be antisemitic. You can speak out against Netanyahu’s atrocious leadership without being anti-Israel.

But you cannot justify the intentional murder of civilians with criticism of the Israeli government.

There is no rationalizing this. There is no moral basis for it. There is no nuance to be found here, however much some might wish there were.

Hamas has never cared about human rights. They have never cared about freedom. They do not care about the Palestinian children whose trauma they are attempting to weaponize for hateful ends.

Israel has every right to defend itself, and they are completely justified in doing all in their power to prevent this from happening again. The United States and every other country should be roundly condemning Hamas and offering support to Israel.

My heart breaks for the countless Israeli families whose lives were shattered today, and yet, it is abundantly clear that those who will suffer most for this cowardly attack are innocent Palestinian civilians.

In one fell swoop, Hamas has placed innocent Palestinians in grave, imminent danger for no more reason than their hate-fueled incompetence. They are intentionally using innocent civilians as shields while they carry out their senseless acts of violent bigotry against Jewish people.

Whatever happens next, it is clear that children and the elderly will suffer most, and it is obvious that Hamas is at peace with that.

They need to be defeated and dismantled for the sake of all innocents, and the world needs to unite against them with that objective in mind.

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