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This Rapist Doesn't Care About Easter

This Rapist Doesn't Care About Easter

Trump is a rapist. He doesn't care about Easter.
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Hi, Christian and trans woman here! Happy Easter to everyone who observes!

Today, Donald Trump's campaign put out a statement blasting President Biden for formally proclaiming tomorrow, March 31st, as Trans Day of Visibility, calling it "blasphemous" since tomorrow is Easter.

A few things:

Trans Day of Visibility has been celebrated every year on March 31st since 2009.

Easter has always been observed on the first Sunday after the ecclesiastical full moon that occurs on or soonest after March 21st, which means that it's observed between March 22nd and April 25th in any given year.

By happenstance (that is: math), Trans Day of Visibility and Easter fall on the same day every 11 years, the first time being in 2013.

There is absolutely zero credible scriptural basis for claiming a holiday like Trans Day of Visibility falling on the same day as Easter is “blasphemous.”

Moreover, there's no credible scriptural argument for claiming being transgender is ungodly, though it's unsurprising that social conservatives who don't read their Bible don't know that.

Nor is it unsurprising that President Biden, a devout Catholic, does know that and sees a godly imperative in standing beside the trans community against bigotry.

Moreover—and most importantly—in a country that supposedly respects freedom from religious dogma, as a constitutional right in the First Amendment, it wouldn't matter if there were a biblical argument against being transgender.

The Bible does have a lot to say, however, about sexual assault and rape being grievous sins against God and Her teachings.

Mr. Trump currently owes $83.3 million to E. Jean Carroll for rape and defamation by a predominantly-male jury and then defaming her again and being found guilty of that defamation by *another* predominantly-male jury.

Mr. Trump is a rapist. He raped a woman. He has never sought forgiveness or otherwise atoned for raping a woman. He continues to struggle with the legal fallout of having raped a woman and then defaming her.

He is also a shameless thief, a prolific liar, an unapologetic and undisciplined hypocrite, and violates biblical principles seemingly as a sport.

I can say with complete certainty that Trump is as about as much a Christian as I am a bass fisherman, and folks, trust me: you don’t wanna rely on my fishing skills for dinner tonight.

And if white evangelicals and other supposedly faithful social conservatives actually practiced Christ's teachings, they would denounce Trump and call for accountability.

But they will not because they are cowards and hypocrites and they do not give a damn about Christ's teachings.

Cowards like Trump and his supporters exploit Christ as a buffer against valid criticism and weaponize Christ's teachings in bad faith against anyone who makes them the slightest bit uncomfortable.

Trans people are made perfectly in God’s image. As a trans woman, I am made perfectly in Her image. And as a daughter of Christ, I am very much loved and valued in the authenticity that She gifted me.

Happy Easter, everyone! And Happy Trans Day of Visibility!

Christ is Risen!

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