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I think people are complicated, and the world is increasingly failing to recognize that nuance and hold space for the complexity in all of us.

I’m a Christian and military veteran who’s proud to be from Texas. I’m also a progressive trans woman who now lives on the East Coast. These are both part of me, and I completely reject this era in our culture in which everyone is, more or less, forced to choose one of two boxes.

I don’t deserve to be in one of two boxes. Nor do you. No one does.

So, I write about that in the context of politics, pop culture, religion, LGBTQ rights, and anything else that pisses me off or makes me laugh or inspires me on any given day.

Mostly, I hope my writing makes you feel things, good and bad, and if I’m lucky, gives you some perspective you didn’t have. And if I can make you laugh, too? Perfection.

I think it’s okay to acknowledge the seriousness of this era while also being intentional about taking advantage of the moments of joy that come our way.

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Politics, religion, culture, and humor from a Christian trans woman. 2023 GLAAD Media Award Nominee for Outstanding Blog.


Charlotte Clymer 

Writer. Queer. Army Vet. Texan. Hoya. She/Her. @TrumanProject '19. Rep: @lynnjohnstonlit Inquiries: cmclymer@gmail.com