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My Thoughts on Pat Robertson

My Thoughts on Pat Robertson

A reflection on a decayed soul.
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Pat Robertson passed away this morning.

He was a Southern Baptist minister best known for launching the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN), founding the Christian Coalition (at a time, one of the most powerful political organizations in the country), running for president in the GOP’s primary in 1988, and hosting The 700 Club on CBN.

He used his large platform and outsized political influence to dehumanize innocent people and accelerate their persecution. Some highlights:

He once described all people who aren’t Christians as “termites.”

He spent his career encouraging Islamophobia and described Hindus as “demonic.”

He claimed LGBTQ people cause hurricanes, earthquakes, and tornadoes.

He subscribed to the belief that 9/11 was caused by feminists, queer people, and the ACLU, among others.

In 2010, the day after a horrific earthquake struck Haiti and killed an estimated 160,000 people, he went on The 700 Club and said that Haitians are to blame, claiming they made a deal with the Devil during their revolt against slavery in 1791.

He never apologized for these incidents. He never attempted to make amends.

So, while I'm sure there are many who will claim we shouldn't speak ill of the dead, I would like to point out that Pat Robertson went out of his way to inflict suffering on innocent people grieving the loss of their loved ones.

I’m holding his family in my prayers today, and I hope they receive far more love than he ever offered us.

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