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They Have Always Been Wrong

They Have Always Been Wrong

Every. Single. Time.
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When they said the decriminalization of homosexuality would destroy society, they were wrong.

When they said allowing LGBTQ adults to serve as public school teachers would be inappropriate because children would be vulnerable to sexual abuse, they were wrong.

When they said permitting gay, lesbian, and bisexual people to serve openly in the military would destroy military readiness and compromise national security, they were wrong. When they said the same thing later about trans people serving openly, they were wrong.

When they said protections for any LGBTQ person against workplace discrimination would destroy businesses and organizations, they were wrong.

When they said same-sex marriage being legalized would harm other families and upend society, they were wrong.

When they said permitting LGBTQ couples to adopt would put children at risk and deny them a healthy childhood and enable child abuse, they were wrong.

When they said permitting trans people to use restrooms aligning with their authentic gender would present safety issues for others, they were wrong.

When they claimed trans girls and women would “destroy women’s sports”, not only were they dead wrong, but in the midst of this whole discussion, they never attempted to address the real threat to women’s sports: the intentional lack of funding and institutional support.

When they claimed that gender-affirming health care for trans children is at odds with science, every major medical organization—from the American Medical Association to the American Academy of Pediatrics to the National Institutes of Health—said quite clearly that they’re wrong.

Social conservatives have been thoroughly and entirely wrong on every single LGBTQ rights issue.

Every histrionic warning, every red-faced speech in Congress, every bizarre and creepy and disgusting claim, every threat to life and limb directed at queer people, every bullshit "study" fabricated at the Heritage Foundation -- all of it has been dead wrong.

And so I have to ask: at what point will social conservatives be held accountable by political media on their long record of being entirely wrong on these issues?

Political media seem to be suffering en masse from amnesia on this topic. Or perhaps they’re just lazy. Or perhaps they, too, hold anti-LGBTQ beliefs.

When will they do their jobs and stop protecting social conservatives?

"Senator, we pulled your past quotes on other LGBTQ issues, and all of them turned out to be completely false. You have been consistently wrong when it comes to the implementation of LGBTQ rights. Why should we trust you on this latest matter?"

It's that simple. Do your jobs.

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